Like most people who are looking for an auto transport company, I searched high and low for the absolute best and safest option that came with the smallest price. I found costtoshipacar.co and they helped me transport my collector automobile across the country. They responded to my request nearly instantaneously and I couldn’t be happier with their politeness throughout our communication. I got a great quote from the person I was in touch with and I ended up choosing to do business with them. I would definitely recommend them to my friends if the opportunity ever came up! Thanks again.
Kirk S. (Pennsylvania)

It took me almost a week to make up my mind on which company I wanted to use to get a cheap auto transport service. After talking to a number of different company representatives I chose to go with costtoshipacar.co due to their fairness. They got me a great deal on moving my car all the way to Indiana from California. They could not have made moving my car any less stressful for me even while I was going through a hectic move. I am very pleased with the customer support and timeliness of the employees. Overall I am 100% satisfied with my decision and with the service.
Jen C. (Washington)

Price was the most important factor to me as well as choosing a company that had a good reputation… so I decided to use costtoshipacar.co to help me find a good deal on my auto transportation. I never used an automobile shipping company before so I was vulnerable to getting overcharged or choosing a bad company. I let Cross Country Car Shipping do all the negotiating and price shopping for me and they came to me with the best prices that they could find. 800 miles later I found myself with my car and my new home! Perfect ending to a great business venture… so glad I let these guys handle choosing my transport company.
Jon C. (North Dakota)

A job well done. Having gone in to looking for an auto transport company with low expectations… I was cleanly blown off of my feet when I was presented with top notch customer support and friendliness at Cross Country Car Shipping. I’ve used a couple different auto transport companies and they were late or tried charging me multiple fees. I let costtoshipacar.co do price shopping and company comparisons for me and they couldn’t have done a better job finding me a transport provider to take my car from Texas to North Carolina. Thanks again.
Benny F. (North Carolina)

I’m genuinely happy with the service provided by Cross Country Car Shipping. Not only did they find me a transport company that cost much less than the other companies that I received quotes from… but they showed up on time and delivered my car in one piece! Not much more to be said about that… Great service!
Tom P. (Illinois)